Signs Of Infidelity

Statistics tell us that 50% of men who think their partner is cheating are correct and 85% of women who notice signs of infidelity are right. Infidelity is steadily increasing. Here are some of the common signs of infidelity.

• The most common situation in which infidelity takes place is if an opportunity presents itself – business trips with colleagues, car pools, meetings at a gym.
• More time spent away from home, frequent absences – shopping, conferences, seminars, business trips, fishing, working late, trips to places where the spouse will be not able to be contacted
• Lack of interest in sex and avoiding sex using ridiculous reasons
• Distraction, daydreaming, disorganization
• Evenings out “with the girls” or “with poker buddies.” The spouse is not included.
• Secrecy – the spouse turns off the computer monitor when someone enters the room or goes outdoors or to another room to talk on the phone.
• Late night computer use
• High phone bills
• Secret credit cards
• Checks up on the spouse to make sure he/she won’t be checking on the cheater
• High mileage on the car or not enough mileage on the car when he/she was supposed to be going a long distance
• Refuses rides to or pickups from the airport
• Clothes smell of a perfume or after shave of the opposite sex
• Spouse brings home clean laundry
• Spouse returns from work in different clothes
• Unexplained credit card charges or payments on the bank statement, unexplained receipts
• Credit card charges made in town when he/she was supposedly out of town
• Secret withdrawals of money or secret credit cards
• Less money deposited from a paycheck into a joint bank account

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