Pi’s Don’t Judge

We are not here to judge you and trust us, we have heard it all and more. You may be thinking to yourself that what you are considering talking to a license Private Investigator about is ridiculous or crazy. When you are confronted with a situation where even thinking about it makes you question the legitimacy of your suspicion. It is probably time to speak with someone who is not involved and can look at the situation detached of any emotional investment.

Being deceived is a terrible feeling and it is especially awful when you feel like there is no one who could understand your situation We will try our hardest to assist you and we will also work our best to come up with a game plan for solving it professionally. Your piece of mind is worth a free, discreet consultation. Please Call or Text us at 651-494-8500. We are here to help.

Let us hear your suspicions, we will search for the proof. 651-494-8500. Call now for a free consultation. We are extremely discreet.

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Sam is one of The PI Service's top investigators. Trained by Jeff Thone (with over 20 years of experience,) he knows how to get the job done.