What Is A Private Investigator?

A Private Investigator (PI) also known as a Private Detective and informally called a Private Eye is a person who can be hired by an individual or by other groups and organizations to carry out investigatory services. An investigation conducted by a Private Investigator can be anything from child custody battles and infidelity to fraudulent insurance claims and even something out of the ordinary such as reoccurring vandalism or suspicious neighbors.

A Private Investigator must be licensed in his or her region. In Minnesota and Wisconsin a Private Investigator is required to be licensed and we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a licensed Private Investigator for any suspicions you may have.
Throughout a Private Investigator’s career they pick up skills in what can only be described as “The Art of Surveillance” A skill such as following a subject in a vehicle is an acquired skill that a person can only learn through constant trial and error. The reason this is considered an art form is because of the creativity it takes to follow someone without their knowledge. The quick decisions and disinformation applied to performing this action flawlessly requires the Investigator to be experienced in this area of surveillance as it is never the same.

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