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PI Services Inc. was founded by Jeff Thone with over 23 years of investigative experience. He is considered a surveillance specialist that has performed complex investigations throughout the country, and has been employed with industry leading global detective agencies, with headquarters in New York, Florida, Texas, California, Chicago, and Minneapolis. His extensive experience will resolve issues relating to cheating spouses, child custody, divorce, and personal business matters of a confidential nature.

Let this be your first step in repairing your relationship. Gathering videotape evidence of your cheating spouse or lover doesn’t mean the relationship is over. After the truth becomes known, it just might be the start of something better.

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Let us hear your suspicions, we will search for the proof. 651-494-8500. Call now for a free consultation. We are extremely discreet. We understand that these matters are of a sensitive nature so please give specific contact instructions when leaving a voicemail, email or text.